ATB - Aliança Transformers Brasil


Texto: Luna

(OBS: Mantive as frases dos personagens no original em inglês, para preservar o sentido e a graça.)

Cheetor: "Blackarachnia am I glad to see you!"
Blackarachnia: "Yeah isn't this cozy? Now we can all go off-line together."

Nightscream (contando como sobreviveu ao vírus de Megatron): "Nobody saw it coming... A virus suddenly spreading all over the planet. Some deactivated and others just disappeared. Then the drones came. Just a few at first then they came in droves and hunted down any survivors. I escaped underground and and when I woke up I ended up like this. Don't ask me how or why? It's how I survived."

Blackarachnia: "Nobody is judging you! You were under Megatron's control, join us and you can avenge yourself."
Silverbolt: "You still don't get it do you? I don't hate Megatron for what he made me do. He freed me from my code of honour and I reveled in it... Don't you see? I enjoyed it. I don't know what I am anymore."
Blackarachnia: "You are what you've always been... Honest, pure, virtuous to a fault."
Silverbolt: "You're taking a huge risk."
Blackarachnia: "Considering how well I know the goodness in your heart; it really isn't a risk at all!"

Thrust: "You'll pay with your spark traitor."

Optimus Primal: "Everyone underground. NOW!"
Rattrap: "Yeah what makes you think it's any safer down there?"
Rattrap (depois que construções começam a desmoronar): "I withdrawl the question!"

Nightscream (falando sobre o vírus que estava fazendo os Maximals brigarem entre si): "It must be a new strain of that acient hate-plauge virus or didn't you guys ever take history before?"
Cheetor: "So how do we counteract it?"
Rattrap: "In two words: IM-POSSIBLE"
Megatron: "And I have two more words for you Maximals: GOOD-BYE!"

Jetstorm: "Well, well, well, your situation exactly matches your location.....TERMINAL!!!"

Jetstorm: "Ganging up on ME?! Let's see how tough you are when I bring a whole BATTALION back!! Jetstorm, Adios."

Jetstorm: "I'm afraid I'm going to have to take you boys downtown, IN PIECES!!!"