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  • A Marvel desenvolveu um universo próprio para suas séries "Transformers" em quadrinhos, independente do desenho animado.

  • "Transformers" em quadrinhos foi inicialmente planejada para ser apenas uma minissérie de 4 edições, mas acabou chegando ao número 80.

  • Além da saga "normal" ("Transformers"), a continuidade da Marvel ainda contou com algumas minisséries: "Transformers-The Movie", "Headmasters", "Transformers Universe", "Transformers vs. GI Joe"...

  • A Marvel Comics UK passou a publicar uma versão britânica dos quadrinhos em setembro de 1984 e, apesar de as estórias americanas serem reimpressas na Inglaterra, uma boa parte das estórias publicadas era original. Os escritores e artistas britânicos, liderados por Simon Furman, foram responsáveis pelas estórias originais, que são consideradas por muitos melhores que as americanas, tanto que, posteriormente, a Marvel Comics US acabou por contratar Simon Furman e outros da equipe inglesa para continuar desenvolvendo os quadrinhos americanos, reintegrando as duas sagas.

  • Em 1991, depois de 80 edições dos quadrinhos americanos (mensais) e mais de 300 britânicos (semanais), a Marvel decidiu por um fim à série.

  • Em 1993, foi lançada uma nova série americana: "Transformers Generation 2" (G2), toda ela com roteiros de Simon Furman. Esta série durou apenas 12 edições.

  • No Brasil, a série americana traduzida foi lançada pela Rio Gráfica até a edição número 12, passando então a ser publicada pela Editora Globo, com duas estórias cada, até o número 10 (correspondente às edições números 31-32 americanas).


Segue o início da estória de "Transformers" (original em inglês), segundo a versão dos quadrinhos da Marvel:

Circling the star Alpha Centuri, ages ago, was a planet unlike any other in the heavens - Cybertron. No rock or soil or sand contributed to its bizarre geography, it's content was entirely--mechanical.

Cybertron existed, from metallic surface to core, as a vast Saturn-sized machine world...A world whose origins were lost in the dead past. Yet life had evolved here. It had grown and adapted and thrived in its environment remarkably well.

And cities rose across a broad mechanical expanse...cities that were the products of Cybertron's dominant life-forms--The Autobots. Whereas life elsewhere in the cosmos usually evolved through carbon-bonding, here it was the interaction of naturally occurring gears, levers, and pulleys that miraculously brought forth sentient beings.

They created a mechanical paradise...A machine-filled landscape where each Autobot went about his pursuits in peace and prosperity. But every paradise has its serpent...And on this world it was Megatron, commander of those who called themselves--The Decepticons.

Ravage: "Look at them below. Contented, fools ripe for our conquest."

Megatron: "Indeed. Ravage. We haved lived peacefully with the Autobots for eons, slowly, secretly gathering our strength and pursuing our technology, now we shall strike at those who have brought the stagnation of peace and plenty to Cybertron. They shall learn the way of conflict...The way of war...The way of Megatron."

In the weeks that followed, Decepticons from everywhere reported for clandestine meetings to learn the logistics of the coming clash, and their parts in te struggle. The wonders of their technology bestowed upon the Decepticons the awesome ability to transform into weapons of unprecedented power. With these tasks completed, al was in readiness for the first assault..

Megatron: "Strike! Strike! With all the might at our command! Death to the Autobots and the decay they stand for!"

The War spread until it was a global conflict. The forces unleashed were staggering, inconceivable. And each attack upon an Autobot stronghold was orchestrated with the precision of which only finely tuned machinery is capable.

As the powers at play grew in strength, Cybertron, itself, was shaken loose from its orbit--and sent hurtling through space. And still the war ragged across the battle-scarred surface of the runaway planet.

Though taken by suprise, and destroyed by the billions in the initial assaults, the surviving Autobots were not defenseless. Each was gifted with the ability to alter his configuration into strange, unearthly vehicles... Vehicles of great offensive potential. And while the Decepticons in their armored aircraft shapes swooped down upon the many Autobot city-states erected during the war...The Autobots warriors stood firm and fought back.

In time, the magnificent armies on each side of the struggle became known as THE TRANSFORMERS.


  1. "THE TRANFORMERS" (G1) - #1 a #80

  2. "TRANSFORMERS GENERATION 2" (G2) - #1 a #12



  1. "GI JOE and the TRANSFORMERS" - #1 a #4

  2. "GI JOE" starring SNAKE EYES and the TRANSFORMERS - #139 a #142


  • Bob Budiansky ("Transformers" 5-15, 17-32, 35-42, 44-55; "Transformers: Headmasters" 1-4; "Transformers: Universe" 1-4)
  • Simon Furman ("Transformers" 56-80; "Transformers: Generation 2" 1-12)
  • Ralph Macchio ("Transformers" 1 e 43; "Transformers: The Movie" 1-3)
  • Jim Salicrup ("Transformers" 2-4)
  • Bill Mantlo ("Transformers" 1 e 2)
  • Steve Parkhouse ("Transformers" 33 e 34)
  • Len Kaminski ("Transformers" 16)


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